TokenAccessLevels 枚举


定义与访问令牌相关联的用户帐户的权限。Defines the privileges of the user account associated with the access token.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class TokenAccessLevels
public enum TokenAccessLevels
type TokenAccessLevels = 
Public Enum TokenAccessLevels


AdjustDefault 128

用户可以更改令牌的默认所有者、主要组或自由访问控制列表 (DACL)。The user can change the default owner, primary group, or discretionary access control list (DACL) of the token.

AdjustGroups 64

用户可以更改令牌中组的属性。The user can change the attributes of the groups in the token.

AdjustPrivileges 32

用户可以启用或禁用令牌中的权限。The user can enable or disable privileges in the token.

AdjustSessionId 256

用户可以调整令牌的会话标识符。The user can adjust the session identifier of the token.

AllAccess 983551

用户具有令牌的所有可能的访问权限。The user has all possible access to the token.

AssignPrimary 1

用户可以将主令牌附加到进程。The user can attach a primary token to a process.

Duplicate 2

用户可以复制令牌。The user can duplicate the token.

Impersonate 4

用户可以模拟客户端。The user can impersonate a client.

MaximumAllowed 33554432

可以为 TokenAccessLevels 枚举分配的最大值。The maximum value that can be assigned for the TokenAccessLevels enumeration.

Query 8

用户可以查询令牌。The user can query the token.

QuerySource 16

用户可以查询令牌的源。The user can query the source of the token.

Read 131080

用户具有令牌的标准读取权限和 Query 权限。The user has standard read rights and the Query privilege for the token.

Write 131296

用户具有令牌的标准写入权限和 AdjustPrivilegesAdjustGroupsAdjustDefault 权限。The user has standard write rights and the AdjustPrivileges, AdjustGroups and AdjustDefault privileges for the token.