ContentRight 枚举


指定可授予用户访问权限管理文档中内容的权限。Specifies rights that can be granted to users for accessing content in a rights managed document.

public enum class ContentRight
public enum ContentRight
type ContentRight = 
Public Enum ContentRight


DocumentEdit 11

用户可以编辑包含受保护内容的文档。The user can edit the document that contains the protected content.

Edit 1

用户可以编辑和加密受保护的内容。The user can edit and encrypt the protected content.

Export 12

用户可以导出受保护的内容。The user can export the protected content.

Extract 3

用户可以解压缩(复制和粘贴)受保护的内容。The user can extract (copy and paste) the protected content.

Forward 7

用户可以将受保护的内容转发给其他用户。The user can forward the protected content to another user.

ObjectModel 4

用户可以控制对受保护内容的编程访问。The user can control programmed access to the protected content.

Owner 5

用户是内容所有者。The user is the content owner. 内容所有者可以对受保护的内容进行编辑和加密,并可以对已签名的 PublishLicense 进行解密。The owner can edit and encrypt the protected content, and decrypt the signed PublishLicense.

Print 2

用户可以打印受保护的内容。The user can print the protected content.

Reply 8

用户可以答复受保护内容的发送方。The user can reply to the sender of the protected content.

ReplyAll 9

用户可以“全部答复”受保护内容的接收方。The user can "reply all" to recipients of the protected content.

Sign 10

用户可以对受保护的内容进行数字签名。The user can digitally sign the protected content.

View 0

用户可以查看受保护的内容。The user can view the protected content.

ViewRightsData 6

用户可以对已签名的 PublishLicense 中指定的权限进行解密并查看这些权限。The user can decrypt and view the rights specified in the signed PublishLicense.


所有权限允许用户解密受保护的内容。All rights allow users to decrypt protected content. 此外, 后面的枚举值还授予特定的附加权限。In addition, the enumeration values that follow grant specific additional rights.