ReliableSessionBindingElement.MaxPendingChannels 属性


获取或设置在可靠会话期间可为挂起状态的最大通道数。Gets or sets the largest number of channels that can be pending during the reliable session.

 property int MaxPendingChannels { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int MaxPendingChannels { get; set; }
member this.MaxPendingChannels : int with get, set
Public Property MaxPendingChannels As Integer



可为挂起状态的最大通道数。The largest number of channels that can be pending. 默认值为 4。The default value is 4.


设置的值小于或等于零,或者大于 16384。The value set is less than or equal to zero or greater than 16384.


通道在等待被接受时处于挂起状态。Channels are pending when they are waiting to be accepted. 一旦达到该限制,就不会创建任何通道并将其置于挂起模式,直到此数值降低(通过接受挂起的通道)。Once that limit is reached, no channels are created and put in pending mode until this number goes down (by accepting pending channels). 这是对每个侦听器的限制。This is a limit for each listener.

当达到此阈值时如果远程应用程序尝试建立新的可靠会话,则会拒绝请求且打开操作将提示此错误。When the threshold is reached and a remote application tries to establish a new reliable session, the request is denied and the open operation that prompted this faults.