MessageDescription.Direction 属性


获取指示消息是传入消息还是传出消息的方向。Gets the direction that indicates whether the message is incoming or outgoing.

 property System::ServiceModel::Description::MessageDirection Direction { System::ServiceModel::Description::MessageDirection get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.Description.MessageDirection Direction { get; }
member this.Direction : System.ServiceModel.Description.MessageDirection
Public ReadOnly Property Direction As MessageDirection


指示消息是传入服务还是从服务传出的 MessageDirectionThe MessageDirection that indicates whether the message is incoming to or outgoing from the service.


传入意味着消息是从客户端到服务器传递的。Incoming means that the message is coming from the client to the server. 这是 Input 方向。This is the Input direction. 传出消息意味着消息是从服务器到客户端传递的。Outgoing means the message is coming from the server to the client. 这是 Output 方向。This is the Output direction. 从客户端的角度来看,这些术语会给理解带来困难,因为标记为 Input 的消息实际上是要发送的消息,而标记为 Output 的消息却是要接收的消息。These terms can be confusing from the client perspective where the messages marked as Input are actually being sent and the messages marked as Output are being received.