MessageDirection 枚举


指定消息的方向。Specifies the direction of the message.

public enum class MessageDirection
public enum MessageDirection
type MessageDirection = 
Public Enum MessageDirection


Input 0

传入消息。The message is incoming.

Output 1

传出消息。The message is outgoing.


消息的方向可指示消息是要传入终结点,还是要从终结点传出。The direction of a message indicates whether the message is coming into an endpoint or going out from an endpoint. 输入传入服务器,输出从服务器传出。Input is incoming to the server and Output is outgoing from the server. 对于基本请求/响应消息类型,请求传入服务器,响应则是传出服务器。For a basic request/response message pattern, a request is incoming to the server and the response is outgoing from the server. 但是对于从服务器到客户端的回调,请求则是传出服务器,响应是传入服务器。On callbacks from the server to client, however, a request is outgoing from the server and a response is incoming to the server.

使用 MessageDescription(String, MessageDirection) 构造函数可指定消息的方向。Use the MessageDescription(String, MessageDirection) constructor to specify the direction of a message.

使用 Direction 属性检索消息的方向。Retrieve the direction of a message using the Direction property.