MessageSecurityOverMsmq MessageSecurityOverMsmq MessageSecurityOverMsmq MessageSecurityOverMsmq Class


可用来设置 NetMsmqBinding 绑定上的消息级安全属性。Enables setting message-level security properties on the NetMsmqBinding binding.

public ref class MessageSecurityOverMsmq sealed
public sealed class MessageSecurityOverMsmq
type MessageSecurityOverMsmq = class
Public NotInheritable Class MessageSecurityOverMsmq


NetMsmqBinding binding = new NetMsmqBinding();
NetMsmqSecurity security = binding.Security;
MessageSecurityOverMsmq msOverMsmq = security.Message;
Dim binding As New NetMsmqBinding()
Dim security = binding.Security
Dim msOverMsmq = security.Message


通过 Security 属性(它返回 NetMsmqSecurity 对象)从绑定访问此对象。This object is accessed from the binding by means of the Security property, which returns a NetMsmqSecurity object. 此对象具有 Message 的属性,该属性提供对 MessageSecurityOverMsmq 对象的引用。This object has a Message property that provides a reference to the MessageSecurityOverMsmq object.


MessageSecurityOverMsmq() MessageSecurityOverMsmq() MessageSecurityOverMsmq() MessageSecurityOverMsmq()

初始化 MessageSecurityOverMsmq 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the MessageSecurityOverMsmq class.


AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite

指定用于 SOAP 级安全消息的算法套件。Specifies the algorithm suite used for security messages at the SOAP level.

ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType

获取或设置通过 MSMQ 传输发送的消息的 MessageCredentialType 安全设置。Gets or sets the MessageCredentialType security setting for messages sent over the MSMQ transport.


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