MsmqAuthenticationMode 枚举


指定用于绑定的身份验证的类型。Specifies the type of authentication used for the binding.

public enum class MsmqAuthenticationMode
public enum MsmqAuthenticationMode
type MsmqAuthenticationMode = 
Public Enum MsmqAuthenticationMode


Certificate 2

客户端通过 X.509 证书进行身份验证。The client is authenticated using X.509 certificates. 客户端证书必须显示在服务器的证书存储区中。The client certificate must be present in the certificate store of the server.

None 0

此绑定未使用任何安全性。No security is used with this binding.

WindowsDomain 1

通过 Kerberos 进行身份验证。Kerberos is used for authentication. 客户端和服务器必须连接到受信任域。The client and server must be joined to a trusted domain.


此枚举中的值用于Values from this enumeration are used by the

指示 MSMQ 传输必须采用什么方式对消息进行身份验证的 MsmqAuthenticationMode 属性。MsmqAuthenticationMode property to indicate how a message must be authenticated by the MSMQ transport.

如果通过将MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqAuthenticationMode属性设置为来None关闭安全性, 则MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqProtectionLevel还必须将属性设置为ProtectionLevel.None以实现一致性。If security is turned off by setting the MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqAuthenticationMode property to None, then the MsmqTransportSecurity.MsmqProtectionLevel property must also be set to ProtectionLevel.None for consistency.