QueueTransferProtocol 枚举


指示要在队列管理器之间传输消息时使用的协议。Indicates the protocol to be used in transferring messages between queue managers.

public enum class QueueTransferProtocol
public enum QueueTransferProtocol
type QueueTransferProtocol = 
Public Enum QueueTransferProtocol


Native 0

使用本机 MSMQ 协议。Use the native MSMQ protocol.

Srmp 1

使用 SOAP 可靠消息传送协议 (SRMP)。Use the Soap Reliable Messaging Protocol (SRMP).

SrmpSecure 2

使用 SOAP 可靠消息传送协议安全 (SRMPS) 传输。Use the Soap Reliable Messaging Protocol Secure (SRMPS) transport.


如果将 UseActiveDirectory 特性设置为true , 则指定 Srmp 或 SrmpSecure 将导致异常, 因为当使用 Srmp 时, 消息队列 (MSMQ) 不提供 Active Directory 寻址。Specifying Srmp or SrmpSecure when the UseActiveDirectory attribute is set to true will cause an exception because Message Queuing (MSMQ) does not provide for Active Directory addressing when using SRMP. UseActiveDirectory 是 <netMsmqBinding> msmqIntegrationBinding上>的一个属性。 <UseActiveDirectory is an attribute on the <netMsmqBinding> and the <msmqIntegrationBinding>.

有关对队列进行寻址的详细信息, 请参阅服务终结点和队列寻址For more information about addressing queues, see Service Endpoints and Queue Addressing.