FilterType 枚举


指定在路由消息时要使用的筛选器的类型。Specifies the type of filter to use when routing messages.

public enum class FilterType
public enum FilterType
type FilterType = 
Public Enum FilterType


Action 0

使用 ActionMessageFilter 按操作进行筛选。Use ActionMessageFilter to filter on an action.

And 3

使用 StrictAndMessageFilter 按两个消息筛选器(二者用 AND 连接)进行筛选。Use StrictAndMessageFilter to filter on two message filters, ANDed together.

Custom 4

使用用户定义的筛选器。Use a user-defined filter.

EndpointAddress 1

使用 EndpointAddressMessageFilter(其 IncludeHostNameInComparison 设置为 false)按地址进行筛选。Use EndpointAddressMessageFilter with IncludeHostNameInComparison set to false to filter on the address.

EndpointName 5

使用 EndpointNameMessageFilter 按服务终结点的名称进行筛选。Use the EndpointNameMessageFilter to filter on the name of the service endpoint.

MatchAll 6

使用 MatchAllMessageFilter 以匹配所有消息。Use the MatchAllMessageFilter to match all messages.

PrefixEndpointAddress 2

使用 PrefixEndpointAddressMessageFilter(其 IncludeHostNameInComparison 设置为 false)按采用最长前缀匹配项的地址进行筛选。Use PrefixEndpointAddressMessageFilter with IncludeHostNameInComparison set to false to filter on the address using longest prefix matching.

XPath 7

使用 XPathMessageFilter 按 XPath 表达式进行筛选。Use the XPathMessageFilter to filter on an XPath expression.


有关使用 FilterType 的详细信息,请参见FilterDataFor more information about using FilterType, see FilterData.