SecurityKeyEntropyMode 枚举


描述用于密钥生成的平均信息量来源。Describes the source of entropy used for key generation.

public enum class SecurityKeyEntropyMode
public enum SecurityKeyEntropyMode
type SecurityKeyEntropyMode = 
Public Enum SecurityKeyEntropyMode


ClientEntropy 0

该客户端提供用于已颁发令牌的密钥。The client provides the key used for the issued token.

CombinedEntropy 2

客户端和服务器都提供使用 P-SHA1 函数组合的平均信息量,以派生已颁发令牌的密钥。The client and server both provide entropy that is combined using the P-SHA1 function to derive the key of the issued token. 由于 SHA1 出现冲突问题,Microsoft 建议使用基于 SHA256 或更好的安全模型。Due to collision problems with SHA1, Microsoft recommends a security model based on SHA256 or better.

ServerEntropy 1

该服务器提供已颁发令牌的密钥。The server provides the key for the issued token.


此模式描述客户端和服务器如何计算共享对称密钥,以与由服务器颁发的令牌一起使用。This mode describes how the client and server compute a shared symmetric key to use with a token issued by the server.