PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis Enum


枚举在提示的焦点的级别值。Enumerates values for levels of emphasis in prompts.

public enum class PromptEmphasis
public enum PromptEmphasis
type PromptEmphasis = 
Public Enum PromptEmphasis


Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate 2

指示适当级别焦点。Indicates a moderate level of emphasis.

None None None None 3

指示没有焦点。Indicates no emphasis.

NotSet NotSet NotSet NotSet 0

指示未指定焦点值。Indicates that no emphasis value is specified.

Reduced Reduced Reduced Reduced 4

指示级别降低的焦点。Indicates a reduced level of emphasis.

Strong Strong Strong Strong 1

指示级别较强的焦点。Indicates a strong level of emphasis.


成员PromptEmphasis枚举由PromptStyle构造函数,也可由AppendText方法,并通过StartStyle方法,以指定级别的语音文本的焦点。Members of the PromptEmphasis enumeration are used by the PromptStyle constructor, by the AppendText method, and by the StartStyle method to specify the level of emphasis for spoken text. Emphasis属性获取用于强调PromptStyle对象使用PromptEmphasis实例。The Emphasis property gets the emphasis for a PromptStyle object using a PromptEmphasis instance.


语音合成引擎在 Windows 中的不支持变体中的语音输出强调这一次。The speech synthesis engines in Windows do not support variations in the emphasis of speech output at this time. 设置值来表示强调使用的成员PromptEmphasis枚举将生成合成的语音输出中没有声音更改。Setting values for emphasis using a member of the PromptEmphasis enumeration will produce no audible change in the synthesized speech output.