ContourPoint Struct


表示 TextFragment 的语音内容的间距的更改。Represents changes in pitch for the speech content of a TextFragment.

public value class ContourPoint : IEquatable<System::Speech::Synthesis::TtsEngine::ContourPoint>
public struct ContourPoint : IEquatable<System.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine.ContourPoint>
type ContourPoint = struct
Public Structure ContourPoint
Implements IEquatable(Of ContourPoint)


音调等高线定义为语音输出中指定时间位置的目标数组。The pitch contour is defined as an array of targets at specified time positions in the speech output. 每个目标都由三个参数定义。Each target is defined by three parameters. 第一个值是包含的文本期间的百分比 (数字后跟 "%")。The first value is a percentage of the period of the contained text (a number followed by "%"). 第二个值指定升高或降低间距的量。The second value specifies the amount to raise or lower the pitch. 第三个值指定在第二个值中指定的数字要使用的单位;百分比或赫兹 (Hz)。The third value designates the unit to use for the number specified in the second value; either percentage or hertz (Hz).

ContourPoint对象由GetContourPoints方法获取, 或用于TextFragment通过SetContourPoints方法设置的间距。ContourPoint objects are obtained by the GetContourPoints method, or used to set the pitch contour for a TextFragment by the SetContourPoints method.


ContourPoint(Single, Single, ContourPointChangeType)

创建 ContourPoint 类的新实例。Creates a new instance of the ContourPoint class.



获取表示此数量在某个时间点在 TextFragment 中引发或降低间距的值。Gets the value that represents the amount to raise or lower the pitch at a point in a TextFragment.


获取 ChangeType 的成员,该成员指定用于 ContourPoint 对象的参数 change 中指定的数值的单位。Gets a member of ChangeType that specifies the unit to use for the number specified in the change parameter of a ContourPoint object.


获取指定在 Single 中应用间距更改的点的 TextFragmentGets a Single that specifies the point at which to apply the pitch change in a TextFragment. 这是以 TextFragment 的持续时间表述的运行百分比。This is expressed as the elapsed percentage of the duration of the TextFragment at that point.



确定 ContourPoint 的给定实例是否等于 ContourPoint 的当前实例。Determines if a given instance of ContourPoint is equal to the current instance of ContourPoint.


确定给定对象是否为 ContourPoint 的实例且等于 ContourPoint 的当前实例。Determines if a given object is an instance of ContourPoint and equal to the current instance of ContourPoint.


返回此实例的哈希代码。Returns a hash code for this instance.


Equality(ContourPoint, ContourPoint)

确定 ContourPoint 的两个实例是否相等。Determines if two instances of ContourPoint are equal.

Inequality(ContourPoint, ContourPoint)

确定 ContourPoint 的两个实例是否不相等。Determines if two instances of ContourPoint are NOT equal.

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