EmphasisBreak 枚举


枚举在讲单词之间的 EmphasisBreak 长度的值。Enumerates values for lengths of EmphasisBreak between spoken words.

public enum class EmphasisBreak
public enum EmphasisBreak
type EmphasisBreak = 
Public Enum EmphasisBreak


Default -7

常规断字。Normal word break.

ExtraStrong -6

最长的断字。Longest word break.

ExtraWeak -2

非常小的断词。Very small word break.

Medium -4

中等断字。Moderate word break.

None -1

没有断字。No word break.

Strong -5

长断字。Long word break.

Weak -3

小型断词。Small word break.


TextFragment通过实例的属性所State返回的FragmentState对象上Emphasis的属性为实例设置中断强调。 TextFragmentThe break emphasis is set for TextFragment instances through the Emphasis property on the FragmentState object returned by the State property on an instance of TextFragment.

每个合成语音引擎都可随意确定如何在单词之间呈现分隔符;语言、方言、性别或语音的强调性质有所不同。Each synthetic speech engine is free to determine how to render breaks between words; the nature of emphasis differs between languages, dialects, genders, or voices.

在设置EmphasisWord Emphasis或获取EmphasisBreak 实例时,FragmentState可以使用和。Both EmphasisBreak and EmphasisWord may be used when setting or getting the Emphasis on a FragmentState instance.

这两个值可以EmphasisBreak区分, 这是因为的实际值都小于零, 且的EmphasisWord值大于或等于零; 以及使用由的Action属性TtsEngineAction 返回的值FragmentState实例上的属性State所返回的对象。The two values may be distinguished by the fact that the actual values of EmphasisBreak are all less than zero and values of EmphasisWord are greater than or equal to zero; and by using the value of TtsEngineAction returned by the Action property on the FragmentState object returned by the State property on an instance. 有关详细信息, 请Action参阅和EmphasisFrom more information, see Action,and Emphasis.