Type.GetPropertyImpl(String, BindingFlags, Binder, Type, Type[], ParameterModifier[]) 方法


当在派生类中重写时,使用指定的绑定约束搜索其参数与指定的参数类型和修饰符匹配的指定属性。When overridden in a derived class, searches for the specified property whose parameters match the specified argument types and modifiers, using the specified binding constraints.

 abstract System::Reflection::PropertyInfo ^ GetPropertyImpl(System::String ^ name, System::Reflection::BindingFlags bindingAttr, System::Reflection::Binder ^ binder, Type ^ returnType, cli::array <Type ^> ^ types, cli::array <System::Reflection::ParameterModifier> ^ modifiers);
protected abstract System.Reflection.PropertyInfo GetPropertyImpl (string name, System.Reflection.BindingFlags bindingAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, Type returnType, Type[] types, System.Reflection.ParameterModifier[] modifiers);
abstract member GetPropertyImpl : string * System.Reflection.BindingFlags * System.Reflection.Binder * Type * Type[] * System.Reflection.ParameterModifier[] -> System.Reflection.PropertyInfo



包含要获取的属性名的字符串。The string containing the name of the property to get.


枚举值的按位组合,这些值指定如何进行搜索。A bitwise combination of the enumeration values that specify how the search is conducted.

-or- 若为 Default,则返回 nullDefault to return null.


一个对象,该对象定义一组属性并启用绑定,而绑定可能涉及选择重载成员、强制自变量类型和通过反射调用成员。An object that defines a set of properties and enables binding, which can involve selection of an overloaded member, coercion of argument types, and invocation of a member through reflection.

-or- 要使用 Nothing 的空引用(在 Visual Basic 中为 DefaultBinder)。A null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), to use the DefaultBinder.


属性的返回类型。The return type of the property.


一个 Type 对象数组,表示要获取的索引属性的参数的数目、顺序和类型。An array of Type objects representing the number, order, and type of the parameters for the indexed property to get.

-or- 获取未被索引的属性的 Type 类型的空数组(即 Type[] types = new Type[0])。An empty array of the type Type (that is, Type[] types = new Type[0]) to get a property that is not indexed.


ParameterModifier 对象的数组,表示与 types 数组中的相应元素关联的特性。An array of ParameterModifier objects representing the attributes associated with the corresponding element in the types array. 默认的联编程序不处理此参数。The default binder does not process this parameter.


表示符合指定需求的属性的对象(如果找到的话);否则为 nullAn object representing the property that matches the specified requirements, if found; otherwise, null.


找到多个具有指定名称的属性且属性与指定绑定约束匹配。More than one property is found with the specified name and matching the specified binding constraints.

namenullname is null.

-or- typesnulltypes is null.

-or- types 的其中一个元素为 nullOne of the elements in types is null.

types 是多维的。types is multidimensional.

-or- modifiers 是多维的。modifiers is multidimensional.

-or- typesmodifiers 的长度不相同。types and modifiers do not have the same length.


尽管默认联编程序不处理 ParameterModifiermodifiers 参数),但你可以使用 abstract System.Reflection.Binder 类编写处理 modifiers的自定义联编程序。Although the default binder does not process ParameterModifier (the modifiers parameter), you can use the abstract System.Reflection.Binder class to write a custom binder that does process modifiers. 仅当通过 COM 互操作进行调用时才使用 ParameterModifier,且仅处理通过引用传递的参数。ParameterModifier is only used when calling through COM interop, and only parameters that are passed by reference are handled.

以下 BindingFlags 筛选器标志可用于定义要包括在搜索中的属性:The following BindingFlags filter flags can be used to define which properties to include in the search:

  • 若要获取返回,必须指定 BindingFlags.InstanceBindingFlags.StaticYou must specify either BindingFlags.Instance or BindingFlags.Static in order to get a return.

  • 指定 BindingFlags.Public 以在搜索中包括公共属性。Specify BindingFlags.Public to include public properties in the search.

  • 指定 BindingFlags.NonPublic 以在搜索中包括非公共属性(即私有、内部和受保护的属性)。Specify BindingFlags.NonPublic to include non-public properties (that is, private, internal, and protected properties) in the search.

  • 指定 BindingFlags.FlattenHierarchy 包括层次结构中的 publicprotected 静态成员;不包括继承类中 private 静态成员。Specify BindingFlags.FlattenHierarchy to include public and protected static members up the hierarchy; private static members in inherited classes are not included.

以下 BindingFlags 修饰符标志可用于更改搜索的工作方式:The following BindingFlags modifier flags can be used to change how the search works:

  • BindingFlags.IgnoreCase 忽略 name的大小写。BindingFlags.IgnoreCase to ignore the case of name.

  • BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly 仅搜索 Type上声明的属性,而不搜索仅继承的属性。BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly to search only the properties declared on the Type, not properties that were simply inherited.

有关更多信息,请参见System.Reflection.BindingFlagsSee System.Reflection.BindingFlags for more information.