Type.IsAutoClass 属性


获取一个值,该值指示是否为 AutoClass 选择了字符串格式属性 TypeGets a value indicating whether the string format attribute AutoClass is selected for the Type.

 property bool IsAutoClass { bool get(); };
public bool IsAutoClass { get; }
member this.IsAutoClass : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsAutoClass As Boolean


如果为 true 选择了字符串格式属性 AutoClass,则为 Type;否则为 falsetrue if the string format attribute AutoClass is selected for the Type; otherwise, false.



StringFormatMask 选择字符串格式特性。The StringFormatMask selects the string format attributes. 字符串格式特性通过定义应如何解释字符串来增强互操作性。The string format attributes enhance interoperability by defining how strings should be interpreted.

如果当前 Type 表示构造泛型类型,则此属性应用于构造该类型的泛型类型定义。If the current Type represents a constructed generic type, this property applies to the generic type definition from which the type was constructed. 例如,如果当前 Type 表示 MyGenericType<int>MyGenericType(Of Integer) Visual Basic),则此属性的值由 MyGenericType<T>确定。For example, if the current Type represents MyGenericType<int> (MyGenericType(Of Integer) in Visual Basic), the value of this property is determined by MyGenericType<T>.

如果当前 Type 表示泛型类型的类型参数,则此属性始终返回 falseIf the current Type represents a type parameter of a generic type, this property always returns false.