HttpApplication.RequestCompleted 事件


当托管对象与已经释放的请求相关联时发生。Occurs when the managed objects that are associated with the request have been released.

 event EventHandler ^ RequestCompleted;
public event EventHandler RequestCompleted;
member this.RequestCompleted : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event RequestCompleted As EventHandler 


在调用 ASP.NET 管道中的所有托管模块和处理程序后,将调用 RequestCompleted 事件。The RequestCompleted event is called after all managed modules and handlers in the ASP.NET pipeline have been called. 它使模块能够在所有托管模块和处理程序执行后清理资源。It enables modules to clean up resources after all managed modules and handlers have executed. 如果需要特定时间来显式释放在请求期间创建的托管资源,请使用此事件。Use this event if you require a specific time to explicitly dispose of managed resources that you created during a request.