SameSiteMode SameSiteMode SameSiteMode SameSiteMode Enum


指定指示 cookie 的 SameSite 属性值的常数。Specifies constants that indicate the value for the SameSite attribute of the cookie.

public enum class SameSiteMode
public enum SameSiteMode
type SameSiteMode = 
Public Enum SameSiteMode


Lax Lax Lax Lax 1

Cookie 将与“same-site”请求和“cross-site”顶级导航一同发送。The cookie will be sent with "same-site" requests, and with "cross-site" top level navigation.

None None None None 0

未指定模式。No mode is specified.

Strict Strict Strict Strict 2

值为 Strict 或值无效时,cookie 将仅与“same-site”请求一同发送。When the value is Strict, or if the value is invalid, the cookie will only be sent along with "same-site" requests.