ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection 枚举


指定 ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider 类所支持的连接保护选项。Specifies the connection protection options supported by the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider class.

public enum class ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection
public enum ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection
type ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection = 
Public Enum ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection


None 0

未使用任何传输层安全协议。No transport layer security is used. 必须在配置文件中提供 Active Directory 连接的显式凭据。Explicit credentials for the Active Directory connection must be provided in the configuration file.

SignAndSeal 2

到 Active Directory 服务器的连接安全是通过以下方式实现的,即对发送至服务器的每个数据包进行数字签名和加密。The connection to the Active Directory server is secured by digitally signing and encrypting each packet sent to the server.

Ssl 1

使用 SSL 连接来连接 Active Directory 服务器。An SSL connection is used to connect to the Active Directory server.


枚举用于在应用程序的配置文件中设置用于保护ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider对象与 Active Directory 或 Active Directory 应用程序模式服务器之间的通信的协议。 ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtectionThe ActiveDirectoryConnectionProtection enumeration is used in an application's configuration file to set the protocol used to secure communications between an ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider object and an Active Directory or Active Directory Application Mode server. 枚举指示根据connectionProtection 成员身份元素 (ASP.NET 设置架构)配置元素的属性建立的提供程序的连接安全类型。The enumeration indicates the type of connection security the provider established based on the connectionProtection attribute of the membership Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema) configuration element. connectionProtection属性只能设置为 "无" 或 "安全"。The connectionProtection attribute can be set only to either "None" or "Secure".