Soap12FaultCodes 类


定义在使用 SOAP 1.2 版协议与 XML Web services 进行通信期间发生错误时,显示在 SOAP 消息中的 SOAP 错误代码。Defines the SOAP fault codes that appear in a SOAP message when an error occurs while communicating with XML Web services using the SOAP version 1.2 protocol.

public ref class Soap12FaultCodes sealed
public sealed class Soap12FaultCodes
type Soap12FaultCodes = class
Public NotInheritable Class Soap12FaultCodes


Soap 规范1.2 版中的 soap 错误包含一个Code元素,以及其他元素中的一个可选Subcode元素。A SOAP fault in version 1.2 of the SOAP specification contains a Code element and among other things an optional Subcode element.

Code元素是预定义的一组代码,通知收件人导致错误的原因分为五个大错误类别之一。The Code element is one of a pre-defined set of codes that informs a recipient that the cause of the error fell into one of five large error categories. 这五个错误代码由Soap12FaultCodes.ReceiverFaultCode Soap12FaultCodes.VersionMismatchFaultCodeSoap12FaultCodes.SenderFaultCode Soap12FaultCodes.MustUnderstandFaultCode、、和Soap12FaultCodes.DataEncodingUnknownFaultCode字段表示。Those five fault codes are represented by the Soap12FaultCodes.ReceiverFaultCode, Soap12FaultCodes.SenderFaultCode, Soap12FaultCodes.VersionMismatchFaultCode, Soap12FaultCodes.MustUnderstandFaultCode, and Soap12FaultCodes.DataEncodingUnknownFaultCode fields.

Subcode元素允许 SOAP 错误的发送方提供特定于应用程序的错误代码。The Subcode element allows the sender of the SOAP fault to provide an application-specific error code. ASP.NET 定义由Soap12FaultCodes.RpcProcedureNotPresentFaultCodeSoap12FaultCodes.RpcBadArgumentsFaultCodeSoap12FaultCodes.EncodingMissingIdFaultCodeSoap12FaultCodes.EncodingUntypedValueFaultCode字段表示的四个这类代码。ASP.NET defines four such codes that are represented by the Soap12FaultCodes.RpcProcedureNotPresentFaultCode, Soap12FaultCodes.RpcBadArgumentsFaultCode, Soap12FaultCodes.EncodingMissingIdFaultCode, and Soap12FaultCodes.EncodingUntypedValueFaultCode fields.

当创建Code SoapExceptionCode 类的新实例时,引发异常的XMLWebservice会设置属性,该SoapHeaderException属性表示元素。An XML Web service throwing an exception sets the Code property, which represents the Code element, when a new instance of the SoapException or SoapHeaderException class is created. 该错误是作为 SOAP 错误在网络上传输的,.NET Framework 客户端可以将其捕获为SoapExceptionSoapHeaderExceptionThat error is transmitted over the wire as a SOAP fault, which a .NET Framework client can catch as a SoapException or SoapHeaderException.



表示 SOAP 1.2 版 DataEncodingUnknown 错误代码,用于指示 SOAP 消息所使用的编码格式无法识别。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 DataEncodingUnknown fault code indicating the SOAP message is encoded in an unrecognized format.


表示 SOAP 编码数据中缺少 ID 的错误代码。Represents the fault code for missing ID in SOAP encoding data.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 enc:UntypedValue 错误子代码,用于指示 SOAP 消息采用了 RPC 编码并且未指定编码图形节点的类型名称属性。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 enc:UntypedValue fault subcode indicating that the SOAP message was RPC-encoded and the type name property of an encoded graph node was not specified.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 MustUnderstand 错误代码,用于指示未处理用 MustUnderstand 特性标记的 SOAP 标头。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 MustUnderstand fault code indicating a SOAP header marked with the MustUnderstand attribute was not processed.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 Receiver 错误代码,用于指示在处理客户端对服务器的调用期间因接收方出现问题而发生的错误。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 Receiver fault code indicating an error occurred during the processing of a client call on the server due to a problem with the recipient.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 rpc:BadArguments 错误子代码,用于指示发送到 XML Web services 方法的参数不正确或未能分析。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 rpc:BadArguments fault subcode indicating that arguments sent to the XML Web service method were incorrect or could not be parsed.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 rpc:ProcedureNotPresent 错误子代码,用于指示 XML Web services 不支持请求的 XML Web services 方法。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 rpc:ProcedureNotPresent fault subcode indicating the XML Web service does not support the requested XML Web service method.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 Sender 错误代码,用于指示客户端调用的格式不正确或者没有包含适当的信息。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 Sender fault code indicating a client call was not formatted correctly or did not contain the appropriate information.


表示 SOAP 1.2 版 VersionMismatch 错误代码,用于指示 XML Web services 希望接收符合 SOAP 1.2 规范的 SOAP 消息,但收到一条符合 SOAP 1.1 规范的 SOAP 消息。Represents the SOAP version 1.2 VersionMismatch fault code indicating the XML Web service expected SOAP messages conforming to the SOAP 1.2 specification, yet received one conforming to SOAP 1.1.



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