SessionStateMode SessionStateMode SessionStateMode SessionStateMode Enum


指定会话状态模式。Specifies the session-state mode.

public enum class SessionStateMode
public enum SessionStateMode
type SessionStateMode = 
Public Enum SessionStateMode


Custom Custom Custom Custom 4

会话状态正在使用自定义数据存储来存储会话状态信息。Session state is using a custom data store to store session-state information.

InProc InProc InProc InProc 1

会话状态正在处理 ASP.NET 辅助进程。Session state is in process with an ASP.NET worker process.

Off Off Off Off 0

会话状态被禁用。Session state is disabled.

SQLServer SQLServer SQLServer SQLServer 3

会话状态正在使用进程外 SQL Server 数据库存储状态信息。Session state is using an out-of-process SQL Server database to store state information.

StateServer StateServer StateServer StateServer 2

会话状态正在使用进程外 ASP.NET 状态服务存储状态信息。Session state is using the out-of-process ASP.NET State Service to store state information.


会话状态模式设置配置文件中。The session-state mode is set in the configuration file.