DataSourceCapabilities 枚举


为数据源控件的数据检索操作提供一种请求除记录检索之外的其他处理的方法。Provides a way to request processing beyond record retrieval for a data retrieval operation of a data source control.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class DataSourceCapabilities
public enum DataSourceCapabilities
type DataSourceCapabilities = 
Public Enum DataSourceCapabilities


None 0

表示没有分页、排序或总行数检索功能。Represents no paging, sorting, or total row count retrieval capabilities.

Page 2

表示对 ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) 操作返回的行进行分页的功能。Represents the capability to page through the rows returned by an ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) operation.

RetrieveTotalRowCount 4

表示检索数据的总行数的功能,这相当于使用 SelectCount 值。Represents the capability to retrieve a total row count of data, which corresponds to using the SelectCount value.

Sort 1

表示对 ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) 操作返回的行进行排序的功能。Represents the capability to sort through the rows returned by an ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) operation.


数据源控件将DataSourceCapabilities枚举DataSourceSelectArguments与类结合使用, 以请求执行数据检索操作时的分页、排序或其他特定于选择的功能。Data source controls use the DataSourceCapabilities enumeration in conjunction with the DataSourceSelectArguments class to request paging, sorting, or other select-specific capabilities when performing a data retrieval operation. 在数据检索操作过程中, 将根据数据源控件的实际功能检查所请求的功能, 如果这些功能不匹配, 则会引发异常。The requested capabilities are checked against the actual capabilities of the data source control during the data retrieval operation, and if they do not match an exception is raised.

此枚举支持FlagsAttribute特性, 该特性使你可以一次使用多个成员。This enumeration supports the FlagsAttribute attribute, which enables you to use more than one member at a time.