DataSourceOperation Enum


指定数据源控件执行的数据操作。Specifies a data operation performed by a data source control.

public enum class DataSourceOperation
public enum DataSourceOperation
type DataSourceOperation = 
Public Enum DataSourceOperation


Delete 0

该操作将从数据源中删除记录。The operation deletes records from a data source.

Insert 1

该操作将一条或多条记录插入数据源中。The operation inserts one or more records into a data source.

Select 2

该操作将从数据源中检索记录。The operation retrieves records from a data source.

SelectCount 4

该操作将从数据源中检索查询记录的总数。The operation retrieves the total number of records for a query from the data source.

Update 3

该操作将更新数据源中的记录。The operation updates records in a data source.


DataSourceOperation枚举表示数据源控件在其基础数据上可以执行的操作。The DataSourceOperation enumeration represents the actions that a data source control can perform on its underlying data. 数据源控件 (如SqlDataSourceObjectDataSource ) 使用这些枚举值跟踪正在执行的操作的类型。Data source controls such as SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource use these enumeration values to track the type of operation being performed.

五个主要数据源操作由DataSourceOperation枚举表示。The five major data source operations are represented by the DataSourceOperation enumeration. Select 和 SelectCount 值指示从基础数据源检索数据的操作, 而 Delete、Insert 和 Update 值指示用于修改数据的操作。The Select and SelectCount values indicate operations that retrieve data from an underlying data source, while the Delete, Insert, and Update values indicate operations that modify data.

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