ChartColorPalette 枚举


设置 Palette 属性时将指定调色板。Specifies a palette when setting a Palette property.

public enum class ChartColorPalette
public enum ChartColorPalette
type ChartColorPalette = 
Public Enum ChartColorPalette


Berry 8

调色板使用蓝色和紫色。Palette utilizes blues and purples.

Bright 1

调色板使用明亮的颜色。Palette utilizes bright colors.

BrightPastel 12

调色板使用明亮的浅色。Palette utilizes bright pastel colors.

Chocolate 9

调色板使用不同深浅的棕色。Palette utilizes shades of brown.

EarthTones 6

调色板使用泥土色调的颜色,例如绿色和棕色。Palette utilizes earth tone colors such as green and brown.

Excel 3

调色板使用 Excel 样式的颜色。Palette utilizes Excel-style colors.

Fire 10

调色板使用红色、橙色和黄色。Palette utilizes red, orange and yellow colors.

Grayscale 2

调色板使用灰度颜色,即不同深浅的黑色和白色。Palette utilizes grayscale colors, that is, shades of black and white.

Light 4

调色板使用亮色。Palette utilizes light colors.

None 0

不使用调色板。No palette is used.

Pastel 5

调色板使用浅色。Palette utilizes pastel colors.

SeaGreen 11

调色板使用从绿到蓝的颜色。Palette utilizes colors that range from green to blue.

SemiTransparent 7

调色板使用半透明的颜色。Palette utilizes semi-transparent colors.


枚举表示要用于根Chart对象和任何Series对象的调色板。 ChartColorPaletteThe ChartColorPalette enumeration represents the palettes to be used for the root Chart object and any Series objects.

如果没有为数据点及其关联的序列分配任何颜色, 则会为数据分配默认颜色。If no colors are assigned to data points and their associated series, the default colors will be assigned to the data. 例如:For example: