ChartElementType 枚举


指定图表元素类型。Specifies a chart element type.

public enum class ChartElementType
public enum ChartElementType
type ChartElementType = 
Public Enum ChartElementType


Annotation 16

任何派生自 Annotation 类的对象。Any object derived from the Annotation class.

Axis 3

Axis 对象。An Axis object.

AxisLabelImage 7

一个 Axis 标签图像。An Axis label image.

AxisLabels 8

一个 Axis 标签。An Axis label.

AxisTitle 9

一个 Axis 标题。An Axis title.

DataPoint 10

一个 DataPoint 对象。A DataPoint object.

DataPointLabel 11

一个系列 DataPoint 标签。A series DataPoint label.

Gridlines 5

任何主要或次要网格线(垂直或水平)。Any major or minor grid line, either vertical or horizontal.

LegendArea 12

Legend 对象内的区域。The area inside a Legend object. 不包括由图例项占用的空间。Does not include the space occupied by legend items.

LegendHeader 14

一个 Legend 标头。A Legend header.

LegendItem 15

一个 LegendItem 对象。A LegendItem object.

LegendTitle 13

一个 Legend 标题。A Legend title.

Nothing 0

没有任何图表元素。No chart element.

PlottingArea 2

绘图区,这是除去轴、标签等的图表区域。The plotting area, which is the chart area excluding axes, labels, and so on. 也不包括数据点可能占用的区域。Also excludes the regions that data points might occupy.

StripLines 6

一个 StripLine 对象。A StripLine object.

TickMarks 4

任何主要或次要 TickMark 对象。Any major or minor TickMark object.

Title 1

Chart 的标题。The title of a Chart.