ChartHatchStyle ChartHatchStyle ChartHatchStyle ChartHatchStyle Enum


指定图表元素的阴影样式。Specifies a hatching style for a chart element.

public enum class ChartHatchStyle
public enum ChartHatchStyle
type ChartHatchStyle = 
Public Enum ChartHatchStyle


BackwardDiagonal BackwardDiagonal BackwardDiagonal BackwardDiagonal 1

后向对角线样式。Backward diagonal style.

Cross Cross Cross Cross 2

十字样式。Cross style.

DarkDownwardDiagonal DarkDownwardDiagonal DarkDownwardDiagonal DarkDownwardDiagonal 3

深色下对角线样式。Dark downward diagonal style.

DarkHorizontal DarkHorizontal DarkHorizontal DarkHorizontal 4

深色横线样式。Dark horizontal style.

DarkUpwardDiagonal DarkUpwardDiagonal DarkUpwardDiagonal DarkUpwardDiagonal 5

深色上对角线样式。Dark upward diagonal style.

DarkVertical DarkVertical DarkVertical DarkVertical 6

深色竖线样式。Dark vertical style.

DashedDownwardDiagonal DashedDownwardDiagonal DashedDownwardDiagonal DashedDownwardDiagonal 7

下对角虚线样式。Dashed downward diagonal style.

DashedHorizontal DashedHorizontal DashedHorizontal DashedHorizontal 8

横虚线样式。Dashed horizontal style.

DashedUpwardDiagonal DashedUpwardDiagonal DashedUpwardDiagonal DashedUpwardDiagonal 9

上对角虚线样式。Dashed upward diagonal style.

DashedVertical DashedVertical DashedVertical DashedVertical 10

竖虚线样式。Dashed vertical style.

DiagonalBrick DiagonalBrick DiagonalBrick DiagonalBrick 11

对角砖形样式。Diagonal brick style.

DiagonalCross DiagonalCross DiagonalCross DiagonalCross 12

十字对角线样式。Diagonal cross style.

Divot Divot Divot Divot 13

草皮样式。Divot style.

DottedDiamond DottedDiamond DottedDiamond DottedDiamond 14

点式菱形样式。Dotted diamond style.

DottedGrid DottedGrid DottedGrid DottedGrid 15

虚线网格样式。Dotted grid style.

ForwardDiagonal ForwardDiagonal ForwardDiagonal ForwardDiagonal 16

正向对角线样式。Forward diagonal style.

Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal 17

横线样式。Horizontal style.

HorizontalBrick HorizontalBrick HorizontalBrick HorizontalBrick 18

横向砖形样式。Horizontal brick style.

LargeCheckerBoard LargeCheckerBoard LargeCheckerBoard LargeCheckerBoard 19

大棋盘样式。Large checker board style.

LargeConfetti LargeConfetti LargeConfetti LargeConfetti 20

大纸屑样式。Large confetti style.

LargeGrid LargeGrid LargeGrid LargeGrid 21

大网格样式。Large grid style.

LightDownwardDiagonal LightDownwardDiagonal LightDownwardDiagonal LightDownwardDiagonal 22

浅色下对角线样式。Light downward diagonal style.

LightHorizontal LightHorizontal LightHorizontal LightHorizontal 23

浅色横线样式。Light horizontal style.

LightUpwardDiagonal LightUpwardDiagonal LightUpwardDiagonal LightUpwardDiagonal 24

浅色上对角线样式。Light upward diagonal style.

LightVertical LightVertical LightVertical LightVertical 25

浅色竖线样式。Light vertical style.

NarrowHorizontal NarrowHorizontal NarrowHorizontal NarrowHorizontal 26

窄横线样式。Narrow horizontal style.

NarrowVertical NarrowVertical NarrowVertical NarrowVertical 27

窄竖线样式。Narrow vertical style.

None None None None 0

无阴影样式。No hatching style.

OutlinedDiamond OutlinedDiamond OutlinedDiamond OutlinedDiamond 28

空心菱形样式。Outlined diamond style.

Percent05 Percent05 Percent05 Percent05 29

5% 样式。Percent05 style.

Percent10 Percent10 Percent10 Percent10 30

10% 样式。Percent10 style.

Percent20 Percent20 Percent20 Percent20 31

20% 样式。Percent20 style.

Percent25 Percent25 Percent25 Percent25 32

25% 样式。Percent25 style.

Percent30 Percent30 Percent30 Percent30 33

30% 样式。Percent30 style.

Percent40 Percent40 Percent40 Percent40 34

40% 样式。Percent40 style.

Percent50 Percent50 Percent50 Percent50 35

50% 样式。Percent50 style.

Percent60 Percent60 Percent60 Percent60 36

60% 样式。Percent60 style.

Percent70 Percent70 Percent70 Percent70 37

70% 样式。Percent70 style.

Percent75 Percent75 Percent75 Percent75 38

75% 样式。Percent75 style.

Percent80 Percent80 Percent80 Percent80 39

80% 样式。Percent80 style.

Percent90 Percent90 Percent90 Percent90 40

90% 样式。Percent90 style.

Plaid Plaid Plaid Plaid 41

方格花纹样式。Plaid style.

Shingle Shingle Shingle Shingle 42

瓦形样式。Shingle style.

SmallCheckerBoard SmallCheckerBoard SmallCheckerBoard SmallCheckerBoard 43

小棋盘样式。Small checker board style.

SmallConfetti SmallConfetti SmallConfetti SmallConfetti 44

小纸屑样式。Small confetti style.

SmallGrid SmallGrid SmallGrid SmallGrid 45

小网格样式。Small grid style.

SolidDiamond SolidDiamond SolidDiamond SolidDiamond 46

实心菱形样式。Solid diamond style.

Sphere Sphere Sphere Sphere 47

球形样式。Sphere style.

Trellis Trellis Trellis Trellis 48

棚架样式。Trellis style.

Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical 49

竖线样式。Vertical style.

Wave Wave Wave Wave 50

波浪形样式。Wave style.

Weave Weave Weave Weave 51

交织样式。Weave style.

WideDownwardDiagonal WideDownwardDiagonal WideDownwardDiagonal WideDownwardDiagonal 52

宽下对角线样式。Wide downward diagonal style.

WideUpwardDiagonal WideUpwardDiagonal WideUpwardDiagonal WideUpwardDiagonal 53

宽上对角线样式。Wide upward diagonal style.

ZigZag ZigZag ZigZag ZigZag 54

之字形样式。Zigzag style.


枚举表示可用于大量图表元素 (例如ChartAreaLegend等) 的阴影样式。 ChartHatchStyleThe ChartHatchStyle enumeration represents the hatching styles that can be used for numerous chart elements, such as the ChartArea, Legend, and so forth.

如果将BackHatchStyle图表元素对象的属性设置为此枚举的任何成员 ("无" 除外), 则会将相应的阴影样式应用于图表元素。Setting the BackHatchStyle property of a chart element object to any member of this enumeration except None will cause the corresponding hatching style to be applied to the chart element.