DataPoint.SetValueY(Object[]) 方法


设置单个数据点的 Y 值。Sets the Y-value(s) of a single data point.

 void SetValueY(... cli::array <System::Object ^> ^ yValue);
public void SetValueY (params object[] yValue);
member this.SetValueY : obj[] -> unit
Public Sub SetValueY (ParamArray yValue As Object())



集合中某个 DataPoint 对象的 Y 值。The Y-value(s) of a DataPoint object in the collection. 格式化为用逗号分隔的一个或多个值。Formatted as one or more values separated by commas.


SetValueY属性用于设置运行时数据点的 Y 值 (s) 。The SetValueY property is used to set the Y-value(s) of a data point at run time.

除气泡图、k 线图和股价图以外,所有图表类型仅需要一个 Y 值。Only one Y-value per point is required for all chart types except for bubble, candlestick and stock charts. 由于一个数据点包含多个值,因此这些图表类型需要多个 Y 值。These chart types require more than one Y-value because one data point consists of multiple values. 例如,若要绘制一个股价图列,需要四个值:高、低、开盘和收盘值。For example, to plot one stock chart column, four values are required: high, low, open and close values.

此属性 double 在用于检索多个 Y 值时返回值的数组。This property returns an array of double values when used to retrieve multiple Y-values.


YValuesPerPoint属性确定中的所有数据点可以具有的最大 Y 值数 SeriesThe YValuesPerPoint property determines the maximum number of Y-values that all data points in a Series can have. 如果指定的 Y 值超过了允许的数目,则会引发异常。If you specify more than the allowable number of Y-values, an exception will be raised.

有关可用于对象类型参数的有效 .NET Framework 类型的完整列表,请参阅下表:Refer to the following table for a complete listing of valid .NET Framework types that can be used for the object type parameter:

字符串String DateTimeDateTime DoubleDouble
小数Decimal SingleSingle Int32Int32
UInt32UInt32 Int64Int64 UInt64UInt64