DateRangeType DateRangeType DateRangeType DateRangeType Enum


指定一个日期/时间间隔,用以确定当调用在 DataManipulator 类中找到的其中一个 Filter 方法定义时,进行筛选的范围。Specifies a date/time interval that determines the ranges that will be filtered when you invoke one of the Filter method definitions found in the DataManipulator class.

public enum class DateRangeType
public enum DateRangeType
type DateRangeType = 
Public Enum DateRangeType


DayOfMonth DayOfMonth DayOfMonth DayOfMonth 3

日期/时间间隔为每月的日期。Date/time interval is days of the month.

DayOfWeek DayOfWeek DayOfWeek DayOfWeek 2

日期/时间间隔为每周的日期。Date/time interval is days of the week.

Hour Hour Hour Hour 4

日期/时间间隔以小时为单位。Date/time interval is hours.

Minute Minute Minute Minute 5

日期/时间间隔以分钟为单位。Date/time interval is minutes.

Month Month Month Month 1

日期/时间间隔以月为单位。Date/time interval is months.

Year Year Year Year 0

日期/时间间隔以年为单位。Date/time interval is years.


DateRangeType枚举中传递DateRange参数的某些Filter方法,它与结合rangeElements参数确定的日期/时间范围进行筛选后的。The DateRangeType enumeration is passed in the DateRange parameter of some Filter methods, which combined with the rangeElements parameter determines the date/time ranges that are filtered.