ViewEventArgs.EventArgs 属性


获取与引发事件的操作相关联的事件参数。Gets the event arguments that are associated with the action that raised the event.

 property EventArgs ^ EventArgs { EventArgs ^ get(); };
public EventArgs EventArgs { get; }
member this.EventArgs : EventArgs
Public ReadOnly Property EventArgs As EventArgs


EventArgs,包含特定于事件类型的其他事件数据。An EventArgs that contains additional event data that is specific to the type of event.


属性提供特定于EventType属性中所指定操作类型的事件参数。 EventArgsThe EventArgs property supplies the event arguments that are specific to the type of action that is specified in the EventType property.

例如, 当您单击某个区域时, 设计器宿主会将EventType Click作为事件初始化EventArgs , 然后将属性初始化为一个DesignerRegionMouseEventArgs对象。For example, when you click a region, the designer host initializes the EventType as a Click event, and then initializes the EventArgs property as a DesignerRegionMouseEventArgs object.

同样, 设计EventArgs器宿主PaintEventArgs使用Paint事件的对象或TemplateModeChangedEventArgs TemplateModeChanged事件的对象来初始化属性。Similarly, the designer host initializes the EventArgs property with a PaintEventArgs object for a Paint event, or a TemplateModeChangedEventArgs object for a TemplateModeChanged event.

EventArgs 属性ViewEventArgs由构造函数进行初始化。The EventArgs property is initialized by the ViewEventArgs constructor.