HtmlTextWriterTag 枚举


指定可传递到 HtmlTextWriterHtml32TextWriter 对象输出流的 HTML 标记。Specifies the HTML tags that can be passed to an HtmlTextWriter or Html32TextWriter object output stream.

public enum class HtmlTextWriterTag
public enum HtmlTextWriterTag
type HtmlTextWriterTag = 
Public Enum HtmlTextWriterTag


A 1

HTML a 元素。The HTML a element.

Acronym 2

HTML acronym 元素。The HTML acronym element.

Address 3

HTML address 元素。The HTML address element.

Area 4

HTML area 元素。The HTML area element.

B 5

HTML b 元素。The HTML b element.

Base 6

HTML base 元素。The HTML base element.

Basefont 7

HTML basefont 元素。The HTML basefont element.

Bdo 8

HTML bdo 元素。The HTML bdo element.

Bgsound 9

HTML bgsound 元素。The HTML bgsound element.

Big 10

HTML big 元素。The HTML big element.

Blockquote 11

HTML blockquote 元素。The HTML blockquote element.

Body 12

HTML body 元素。The HTML body element.

Br 13

HTML br 元素。The HTML br element.

Button 14

HTML button 元素。The HTML button element.

Caption 15

HTML caption 元素。The HTML caption element.

Center 16

HTML center 元素。The HTML center element.

Cite 17

HTML cite 元素。The HTML cite element.

Code 18

HTML code 元素。The HTML code element.

Col 19

HTML col 元素。The HTML col element.

Colgroup 20

HTML colgroup 元素。The HTML colgroup element.

Dd 21

HTML dd 元素。The HTML dd element.

Del 22

HTML del 元素。The HTML del element.

Dfn 23

HTML dfn 元素。The HTML dfn element.

Dir 24

HTML dir 元素。The HTML dir element.

Div 25

HTML div 元素。The HTML div element.

Dl 26

HTML dl 元素。The HTML dl element.

Dt 27

HTML dt 元素。The HTML dt element.

Em 28

HTML em 元素。The HTML em element.

Embed 29

HTML embed 元素。The HTML embed element.

Fieldset 30

HTML fieldset 元素。The HTML fieldset element.

Font 31

HTML font 元素。The HTML font element.

Form 32

HTML form 元素。The HTML form element.

Frame 33

HTML frame 元素。The HTML frame element.

Frameset 34

HTML frameset 元素。The HTML frameset element.

H1 35

HTML H1 元素。The HTML H1 element.

H2 36

HTML H2 元素。The HTML H2 element.

H3 37

HTML H3 元素。The HTML H3 element.

H4 38

HTML H4 元素。The HTML H4 element.

H5 39

HTML H5 元素。The HTML H5 element.

H6 40

HTML H6 元素。The HTML H6 element.

Head 41

HTML head 元素。The HTML head element.

Hr 42

HTML hr 元素。The HTML hr element.

Html 43

HTML html 元素。The HTML html element.

I 44

HTML i 元素。The HTML i element.

Iframe 45

HTML iframe 元素。The HTML iframe element.

Img 46

HTML img 元素。The HTML img element.

Input 47

HTML input 元素。The HTML input element.

Ins 48

HTML ins 元素。The HTML ins element.

Isindex 49

HTML isindex 元素。The HTML isindex element.

Kbd 50

HTML kbd 元素。The HTML kbd element.

Label 51

HTML label 元素。The HTML label element.

Legend 52

HTML legend 元素。The HTML legend element.

Li 53

HTML li 元素。The HTML li element.


HTML link 元素。The HTML link element.

Map 55

HTML map 元素。The HTML map element.

Marquee 56

HTML marquee 元素。The HTML marquee element.

Menu 57

HTML menu 元素。The HTML menu element.

Meta 58

HTML meta 元素。The HTML meta element.

Nobr 59

HTML nobr 元素。The HTML nobr element.

Noframes 60

HTML noframes 元素。The HTML noframes element.

Noscript 61

HTML noscript 元素。The HTML noscript element.

Object 62

HTML object 元素。The HTML object element.

Ol 63

HTML ol 元素。The HTML ol element.

Option 64

HTML option 元素。The HTML option element.

P 65

HTML p 元素。The HTML p element.

Param 66

HTML param 元素。The HTML param element.

Pre 67

HTML pre 元素。The HTML pre element.

Q 68

HTML q 元素。The HTML q element.

Rt 69

DHTML rt 元素,它指定 ruby 元素的文本。The DHTML rt element, which specifies text for the ruby element.

Ruby 70

DHTML ruby 元素。The DHTML ruby element.

S 71

HTML s 元素。The HTML s element.

Samp 72

HTML samp 元素。The HTML samp element.

Script 73

HTML script 元素。The HTML script element.

Select 74

HTML select 元素。The HTML select element.

Small 75

HTML small 元素。The HTML small element.

Span 76

HTML span 元素。The HTML span element.

Strike 77

HTML strike 元素。The HTML strike element.

Strong 78

HTML strong 元素。The HTML strong element.

Style 79

HTML style 元素。The HTML style element.

Sub 80

HTML sub 元素。The HTML sub element.

Sup 81

HTML sup 元素。The HTML sup element.

Table 82

HTML table 元素。The HTML table element.

Tbody 83

HTML tbody 元素。The HTML tbody element.

Td 84

HTML td 元素。The HTML td element.

Textarea 85

HTML textarea 元素。The HTML textarea element.

Tfoot 86

HTML tfoot 元素。The HTML tfoot element.

Th 87

HTML th 元素。The HTML th element.

Thead 88

HTML thead 元素。The HTML thead element.

Title 89

HTML title 元素。The HTML title element.

Tr 90

HTML tr 元素。The HTML tr element.

Tt 91

HTML tt 元素。The HTML tt element.

U 92

HTML u 元素。The HTML u element.

Ul 93

HTML ul 元素。The HTML ul element.

Unknown 0

不识别作为 HTML 标记传递的字符串。The string passed as an HTML tag is not recognized.

Var 94

HTML var 元素。The HTML var element.

Wbr 95

HTML wbr 元素。The HTML wbr element.

Xml 96

HTML xml 元素。The HTML xml element.


下面的示例演示如何使用 HtmlTextWriterTag 枚举。The following example demonstrates the use of the HtmlTextWriterTag enumeration. Img 呈现已命名的时使用字段 HtmlTextWriter writerThe Img field is used during rendering of an HtmlTextWriter named writer.

// Control the encoding of attributes.
// Simple known values do not need encoding.
writer->AddAttribute( HtmlTextWriterAttribute::Alt, "Encoding, \"Required\"", true );
writer->AddAttribute( "myattribute", "No "encoding " required", false );
writer->RenderBeginTag( HtmlTextWriterTag::Img );
// Control the encoding of attributes. 
// Simple known values do not need encoding.
writer.AddAttribute(HtmlTextWriterAttribute.Alt, "Encoding, \"Required\"", true);
writer.AddAttribute("myattribute", "No "encoding " required", false);
' Control the encoding of attributes.
' Simple known values do not need encoding.
writer.AddAttribute(HtmlTextWriterAttribute.Alt, "Encoding, ""Required""", True)
writer.AddAttribute("myattribute", "No "encoding " required", False)


HtmlTextWriterTag枚举允许输出流在响应 web 请求的同时编写 html 标记和 html 服务器控件。The HtmlTextWriterTag enumeration allows the output stream to write HTML markup, along with HTML server controls, in response to a web request.