INavigateUIData Interface


提供类为向导航控件提供导航用户界面数据和值而实现的接口。Provides an interface that classes implement to provide navigation user interface data and values to navigation controls.

public interface class INavigateUIData
public interface INavigateUIData
type INavigateUIData = interface
Public Interface INavigateUIData


接口允许使用导航控件 (如TreeViewMenu控件) 从表示分层站点导航数据的数据源自动呈现数据。 INavigateUIDataThe INavigateUIData interface allows navigation controls, such as the TreeView and Menu controls, to automatically render data from a data source that represents hierarchical site navigation data. 接口由从SiteMapDataSource控件返回的类型实现,以便导航控件可以自动呈现数据,而页面开发人员无需将数据绑定关联显式定义到SiteMapNode INavigateUIDataSiteMapNode属性。The INavigateUIData interface is implemented by the SiteMapNode type that is returned from the SiteMapDataSource control so that navigation controls can render data automatically without a page developer explicitly defining the data binding associations to the properties of SiteMapNode. SiteMapDataSource例如, 控件启用声明性数据绑定, 使页面开发人员不必分别为TreeViewMenu控件TreeView.DataBindings填充或Menu.DataBindings属性。For example, the SiteMapDataSource control enables declarative data binding so that a page developer does not have to populate the TreeView.DataBindings or Menu.DataBindings properties explicitly for the TreeView and Menu controls, respectively.

还可以对ObjectDataSource控件返回的对象实现接口,以便在不使用显式数据绑定的情况下自动呈现导航控件。INavigateUIDataThe INavigateUIData interface can also be implemented on objects that are returned by an ObjectDataSource control in order to enable automatic rendering of navigation control without explicit data binding.



获取表示导航控件的导航节点的说明的文本。Gets text that represents the description of a navigation node of a navigation control.


获取表示导航控件的导航节点的名称的文本。Gets the text that represents the name of a navigation node of a navigation control.


获取单击导航节点时要导航至的 URL。Gets the URL to navigate to when the navigation node is clicked.


获取一个非显示值,该值用于存储有关导航节点的任何其他数据。Gets a non-displayed value that is used to store any additional data about the navigation node.

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