MobilePage.SaveViewState MobilePage.SaveViewState MobilePage.SaveViewState MobilePage.SaveViewState Method


保存将页面回发到服务器之后发生的所有服务器控件视图状态更改。 Saves any server control view-state changes that have occurred since the time the page was posted back to the server. 此 API 已过时。 This API is obsolete. 若要了解如何开发 ASP.NET 移动应用,请参阅 ASP.NET 移动应用和网站 For information about how to develop ASP.NET mobile applications, see Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET.

 override System::Object ^ SaveViewState();
protected override object SaveViewState ();
abstract member SaveViewState : unit -> obj
override this.SaveViewState : unit -> obj
Protected Overrides Function SaveViewState () As Object


该页的当前视图状态。 The page's current view state.


此成员重写Control.SaveViewState方法以将任何现有的适配器状态保存在一个对象数组中的视图状态。This member overrides the Control.SaveViewState method to save any existing adapter state with view state in an object array. 如果没有与该控件关联的视图状态,则此方法返回 nullIf there is no view state associated with the control, this method returns null.