Page.UICulture Page.UICulture Page.UICulture Page.UICulture Property


设置与页关联的 Thread 对象的用户界面 (UI) ID。Sets the user interface (UI) ID for the Thread object associated with the page.

 property System::String ^ UICulture { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string UICulture { get; set; }
member this.UICulture : string with get, set
Public Property UICulture As String


用户界面 ID。The UI ID.


此属性是CurrentThread属性的快捷方式。This property is a shortcut for the CurrentThread property. Culture 是正在执行的线程的属性The culture is a property of the executing thread

在 .aspx 文件的@ Page指令中设置特性。UICultureSet the UICulture attribute in the @ Page directive in the .aspx file. 请求页面时, 动态生成的类将设置此属性的值。When the page is requested, the dynamically generated class sets the value of this property. 此外, 还可以在 web.config 文件的全球化元素UICulture显式设置属性的值。In addition, you can also explicitly set the value of the UICulture property in the globalization element of the Web.config file.