PartialCachingAttribute.SqlDependency 属性


获取一个分隔字符串,该字符串标识用户控件所依赖的一个或多个数据库和表的名称对。Gets a delimited string that identifies one or more database and table name pairs that the cached user control is dependent on.

 property System::String ^ SqlDependency { System::String ^ get(); };
 property System::String ^ SqlDependency { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string SqlDependency { get; }
public string SqlDependency { get; set; }
member this.SqlDependency : string
member this.SqlDependency : string with get, set
Public ReadOnly Property SqlDependency As String
Public Property SqlDependency As String



一个分隔字符串,标识用户控件缓存条目所依赖的一组数据库和表的名称。A delimited string that identifies a set of database and table names that the user control cache entry is dependent on.


SqlDependency 字符串根据配置 (中 SQL Server 缓存依赖关系的名称标识数据库和表名称,通常使用 sqlcachedependency 配置元素) 进行添加。The SqlDependency string identifies databases and table names according to the name of a SQL Server cache dependency in your configuration (typically added using the sqlcachedependency configuration elements). 如果使用 SQL Server 2005,则可以将属性设置 SqlDependency 为 "CommandNotification",这将指示 ASP.NET 为当前 ASP.NET 页的上下文中发出的所有 SQL 命令创建行级别依赖关系。If you use SQL Server 2005, you can set the SqlDependency property to "CommandNotification", which instructs ASP.NET to create row level dependencies for all SQL commands issued within the context of the current ASP.NET page.