ScriptManager.Navigate Event


当用户点击浏览器的“后退”或“前进”按钮时发生。Occurs when the user clicks the browser's Back or Forward button.

 event EventHandler<System::Web::UI::HistoryEventArgs ^> ^ Navigate;
public event EventHandler<System.Web.UI.HistoryEventArgs> Navigate;
member this.Navigate : EventHandler<System.Web.UI.HistoryEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event Navigate As EventHandler(Of HistoryEventArgs) 


当用户单击浏览器的 "后退" 按钮时,浏览器将导航到以前查看过的 url,其中可能包括包含历史记录点状态数据的 url。When a user clicks the browser's Back button, the browser navigates through previously-viewed URLs, which can include URLs that contain history-point state data. 如果网页中的客户端代码检测到 URL 包含历史记录状态数据,则会向服务器页发出请求。If client code in the Web page detects that the URL contains history state data, it makes a request to the server page. 这作为回发事件,ScriptManagerProxy 服务器控件引发 Navigate 事件。This acts as a postback event, and the ScriptManagerProxy server control raises the Navigate event. 可以通过使用随事件传递的状态数据来处理此事件,并根据需要在 Web 应用程序中重新创建页面。You can handle this event and re-create the page as required in the Web application by using the state data that is passed with the event.

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