VerificationAttribute.ConditionalValue 属性


获取用作验证可访问性检查点的一部分的条件表达式的右侧。Gets the right side of a conditional expression used as part of the verification accessibility checkpoint.

 property System::String ^ ConditionalValue { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ConditionalValue { get; }
member this.ConditionalValue : string
Public ReadOnly Property ConditionalValue As String


条件表达式的右侧。The right side of a conditional expression. 默认值为空字符串 ("")。The default value is an empty string ("").


创建ConditionalValue 实例VerificationAttribute时可以设置属性, 但此属性是可选的。The ConditionalValue property can be set when the VerificationAttribute instance is created, but is optional. 如果使用不带conditionalValue参数的构造函数, 则使用空字符串 ("") 的默认值。If you use a constructor that does not take a conditionalValue parameter, the default value of an empty string ("") is used.

ConditionalValue属性是在可访问性检查点验证中使用的条件表达式的右侧或值。The ConditionalValue property is the right side, or value, of a conditional expression that is use in the verification of the accessibility checkpoint. 条件表达式的左侧由指定ConditionalPropertyThe left side of the conditional expression is specified with the ConditionalProperty.