WebPartZoneBase.RenderBody(HtmlTextWriter) 方法


重写基方法,以便呈现某个区域的正文区,该区域从 WebPartZoneBase 类派生。Overrides the base method to render the body area of a zone derived from the WebPartZoneBase class.

 override void RenderBody(System::Web::UI::HtmlTextWriter ^ writer);
protected override void RenderBody (System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer);
override this.RenderBody : System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub RenderBody (writer As HtmlTextWriter)



接收区域的正文内容的 HtmlTextWriterThe HtmlTextWriter that receives the zone's body content.


RenderBody 方法呈现区域的正文区,区域是页眉和页脚区域之间的主要内容区域,包含 WebPart 控件。The RenderBody method renders the body area of a zone, which is the main content area between the header and footer areas and contains WebPart controls.

RenderBody 方法将重写 WebZone 类中的基方法,以提供专门的呈现,用于寻址仅适用于 WebPartZoneBase 区域的布局和样式特性。The RenderBody method overrides the base method in the WebZone class to provide specialized rendering that addresses layout and style attributes that apply uniquely to WebPartZoneBase zones. 方法将呈现一个包含正文的全部内容的表,并在该表中根据各种条件设置不同的属性值,包括 LayoutOrientation 属性是设置为垂直还是水平,以及该页当前是否处于设计显示模式。The method renders a table that contains the entire contents of the body, and within that table, it sets different attribute values depending on various conditions, including whether the LayoutOrientation property is set to vertical or horizontal, and whether the page is currently in design display mode.