WizardStepType 枚举


指定可在 Wizard 控件中的某个步骤显示的导航用户界面的类型。Specifies the types of navigation UI that can be displayed for a step in a Wizard control.

public enum class WizardStepType
public enum WizardStepType
type WizardStepType = 
Public Enum WizardStepType


Auto 0

为该步骤呈现的导航用户界面按照声明该步骤的顺序自动确定。The navigation UI that is rendered for the step is determined automatically by the order in which the step is declared.

Complete 1

该步骤是要显示的最后一个步骤。The step is the last one to appear. 不呈现任何导航按钮。No navigation buttons are rendered.

Finish 2

该步骤是最终数据收集步骤。The step is the final data collection step. 呈现用于导航的“完成”和“上一步”按钮。Finish and Previous buttons are rendered for navigation.

Start 3

该步骤是要显示的第一个步骤。The step is the first one to appear. 对于该步骤来说,呈现“下一步”按钮,但不呈现“上一步”按钮。A Next button is rendered but a Previous button is not rendered for this step.

Step 4

该步骤是介于“开始”和“完成”步骤之间的任何步骤。The step is any step between the Start and the Finish steps. 呈现用于导航的“上一步”和“下一步”按钮。Previous and Next buttons are rendered for navigation. 此步骤类型对于重写 Auto 步骤类型非常有用。This step type is useful for overriding the Auto step type.