GridPattern.Current 属性


获取此 GridPattern 的当前 UI 自动化UI Automation 属性值。Gets the current UI 自动化UI Automation property values for this GridPattern.

 property System::Windows::Automation::GridPattern::GridPatternInformation Current { System::Windows::Automation::GridPattern::GridPatternInformation get(); };
public System.Windows.Automation.GridPattern.GridPatternInformation Current { get; }
member this.Current : System.Windows.Automation.GridPattern.GridPatternInformation
Public ReadOnly Property Current As GridPattern.GridPatternInformation


一个结构,它包含此控件模式的当前 UI 自动化UI Automation 属性值。A structure containing the current UI 自动化UI Automation property values for the control pattern.


此模式必须来自具有 Full 引用的 AutomationElement,才能获取当前值。This pattern must be from an AutomationElement with an Full reference in order to get current values. 如果 AutomationElement 是使用 None获取的,则它只包含缓存的数据,尝试获取任何属性的当前值会引发异常。If the AutomationElement was obtained using None, it contains only cached data, and attempting to get the current value of any property raises an exception. 使用 Cached 获取以前使用 CacheRequest指定的属性的已缓存值。Use Cached to get the cached value of a property that was previously specified using a CacheRequest.

有关可用属性及其用法的信息,请参阅 GridPattern.GridPatternInformationFor information on the properties available and their use, see GridPattern.GridPatternInformation.