PopupAnimation 枚举


描述 Popup 控件在打开时如何显示动画。Describes how a Popup control animates when it opens.

public enum class PopupAnimation
public enum PopupAnimation
type PopupAnimation = 
Public Enum PopupAnimation


Fade 1

Popup 控件会逐渐显示或淡出。The Popup control gradually appears, or fades in. 可通过随时间增加 Popup 窗口的不透明度来创建此效果。This effect is created by increasing the opacity of the Popup window over time.

None 0

Popup 控件在显示时不呈现动画。The Popup control appears without animation.

Scroll 3

Popup 控件从其父级的左上角滚动。The Popup control scrolls from the upper-left corner of its parent. 如果屏幕未提供足够的空间以允许 Popup 默认行为,则 Popup 改为从右下角滚动。If the screen does not provide enough room to allow the Popup default behavior, the Popup scrolls from the lower-right corner instead.

Slide 2

Popup 控件向下或向上滑入到位。The Popup control slides down or up into place. 默认情况下,Popup 向下滑。By default, a Popup slides down. 不过,如果屏幕未提供 Popup 向下滑的足够空间,则它将改为向上滑。However, if the screen does not provide enough room for the Popup to slide down, it slides up instead.


若要为Popup控件指定动画类型, 请PopupAnimation将属性设置为枚举值之一。To specify a type of animation for a Popup control, set the PopupAnimation property to one of the enumeration values.