TextBoxBase.HorizontalOffset TextBoxBase.HorizontalOffset TextBoxBase.HorizontalOffset TextBoxBase.HorizontalOffset Property


获取或设置水平滚动条位置。Gets or sets the horizontal scroll position.

 property double HorizontalOffset { double get(); };
public double HorizontalOffset { get; }
member this.HorizontalOffset : double
Public ReadOnly Property HorizontalOffset As Double


一个浮点值,该值指定水平滚动位置(以与设备无关的单位(每个单位 1/96 英寸)device-independent units (1/96th inch per unit)为单位)。A floating-point value that specifies the horizontal scroll position, in 与设备无关的单位(每个单位 1/96 英寸)device-independent units (1/96th inch per unit).

设置此属性会导致文本编辑控件滚动到指定的水平偏移。Setting this property causes the text editing control to scroll to the specified horizontal offset. 读取此属性将返回当前水平偏移。Reading this property returns the current horizontal offset.

如果文本编辑控件未配置为支持滚动,则此属性的值为 0.0。The value of this property is 0.0 if the text editing control is not configured to support scrolling.

此属性没有默认值。This property has no default value.


尝试将此属性设置为负值。An attempt is made to set this property to a negative value.


下面的示例演示如何读取HorizontalOffset属性的值。The following example demonstrates how to read the value of the HorizontalOffset property.

private void initValues(object sender, EventArgs e)
    myTB1.Text= "ExtentHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentHeight.ToString();
    myTB2.Text= "ExtentWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentWidth.ToString();
    myTB3.Text= "HorizontalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.HorizontalOffset.ToString();
    myTB4.Text= "VerticalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.VerticalOffset.ToString();
    myTB5.Text = "ViewportHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportHeight.ToString();
    myTB6.Text = "ViewportWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportWidth.ToString();
    radiobtn1.IsChecked = true;
Private Sub initValues(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    myTB1.Text = "ExtentHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentHeight.ToString()
    myTB2.Text = "ExtentWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentWidth.ToString()
    myTB3.Text = "HorizontalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.HorizontalOffset.ToString()
    myTB4.Text = "VerticalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.VerticalOffset.ToString()
    myTB5.Text = "ViewportHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportHeight.ToString()
    myTB6.Text = "ViewportWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportWidth.ToString()
    radiobtn1.IsChecked = True


如果在从右向左模式下工作, 则从可见文本区域的右侧测量水平偏移量;否则, 从左侧测量。The horizontal offset is measured from the right of the visible text area if you are working in right-to-left mode; otherwise, it is measured from the left.