DataFormats.MetafilePicture 字段


指定 Windows 图元文件图片数据格式。Specifies the Windows metafile picture data format.

public: static initonly System::String ^ MetafilePicture;
public static readonly string MetafilePicture;
 staticval mutable MetafilePicture : string
Public Shared ReadOnly MetafilePicture As String 




图元文件图片格式是一个 Windows 文件,它以图形对象而不是像素来存储图像。The metafile picture format is a Windows file that stores an image in terms of graphic objects rather than pixels. 调整大小时,图元文件会保持图像比位图更好。When resized, a metafile preserves an image better than a bitmap.

DataObject该类和实现接口的其他类使用此字段 IDataObject 来描述可用的数据格式。This field is used by the DataObject class and other classes that implement the IDataObject interface to describe an available data format.

将此字段与方法一起使用 SetData 可向数据对象添加具有相应格式的数据; 将此字段与方法一起使用 GetData 可检索相应格式的数据。Use this field with the SetData method to add data with a corresponding format to a data object; use this field with the GetData method to retrieve data in the corresponding format. 若要检查数据对象是否包含采用此格式的数据,请使用 GetDataPresent 方法来查询格式。To check whether a data object contains data in this format, use the GetDataPresent method to query for the format.