DependencyProperty.GlobalIndex Property


获取唯一标识依赖项对象的内部生成值。Gets an internally generated value that uniquely identifies the dependency property.

 property int GlobalIndex { int get(); };
public int GlobalIndex { get; }
member this.GlobalIndex : int
Public ReadOnly Property GlobalIndex As Integer

Property Value


唯一数字标识符。A unique numeric identifier.


此值是整数,而不是全局唯一标识符(GUID)。This value is an integer, not a globally unique identifier (GUID). 通常,使用此索引值并不是必需的,并且不会对所有依赖属性的表进行索引访问。Generally, using this index value is not required, and there is no index access to tables of all dependency properties. 依赖属性应改为引用其标识符字段。Dependency properties should instead be referenced by their identifier fields.

GlobalIndex 可在内部使用,以更快地访问使用 GlobalIndex 作为从零开始的数组索引的数据结构。GlobalIndex is used internally for faster access to data structures that use the GlobalIndex as a zero-based array index. 类似的用法可能具有用于设计器或工具的应用程序。A similar usage might have applications for designers or tools.

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