DragDrop.DragEnterEvent Field


标识 DragEnter 附加事件。Identifies the DragEnter attached event.

public: static initonly System::Windows::RoutedEvent ^ DragEnterEvent;
public static readonly System.Windows.RoutedEvent DragEnterEvent;
 staticval mutable DragEnterEvent : System.Windows.RoutedEvent
Public Shared ReadOnly DragEnterEvent As RoutedEvent 

Field Value



将对象拖入元素的边界时发生 DragEnter 事件。The DragEnter event occurs when an object is dragged into the element's bounds.

此字段标识 DragEnter 事件的冒泡版本。This field identifies the bubbling version of the DragEnter event. 有关此事件的隧道版本的标识符,请参阅 PreviewDragEnterEventFor an identifier for the tunneling version of this event, see PreviewDragEnterEvent.

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