AccessibleObject.Help 属性


获取对象用途或如何使用对象的说明。Gets a description of what the object does or how the object is used.

 virtual property System::String ^ Help { System::String ^ get(); };
public virtual string? Help { get; }
public virtual string Help { get; }
member this.Help : string
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property Help As String



String,包含对象用途或如何使用对象的说明。A String that contains the description of what the object does or how the object is used. 如果没有定义帮助,则返回 nullReturns null if no help is defined.


无法检索控件的帮助字符串。The help string for the control cannot be retrieved.


并非所有对象都需要支持该属性。Not all objects need to support this property. 通常,此属性包含用于描述对象的用途或用法的工具提示样式信息。Typically, this property contains ToolTip style information that is used either to describe what the object does or how to use it. 例如, Help 显示打印机的工具栏按钮的属性可能是 "打印当前文档"。For example, the Help property for a toolbar button that shows a printer might be "Prints the current document." 属性的文本在 Help 用户界面中不必是唯一的。The text for the Help property does not have to be unique within the user interface. Help如果其他属性提供了与对象的用途有关的信息以及该对象可能执行的操作,则服务器不需要支持属性。Servers do not need to support the Help property if other properties provide sufficient information about the object's purpose and what actions the object might perform.