AutoCompleteMode 枚举


指定在 ComboBoxTextBox 控件中使用的自动完成功能的模式。Specifies the mode for the automatic completion feature used in the ComboBox and TextBox controls.

public enum class AutoCompleteMode
public enum AutoCompleteMode
type AutoCompleteMode = 
Public Enum AutoCompleteMode


Append 2

将最可能的候选字符串的其余部分追加到现有的字符,并突出显示追加的字符。Appends the remainder of the most likely candidate string to the existing characters, highlighting the appended characters.

None 0

禁用 ComboBoxTextBox 控件的自动完成功能。Disables the automatic completion feature for the ComboBox and TextBox controls.

Suggest 1

显示与编辑控件关联的辅助下拉列表。Displays the auxiliary drop-down list associated with the edit control. 此下拉列表填充了一个或多个建议完成字符串。This drop-down is populated with one or more suggested completion strings.

SuggestAppend 3

同时应用 SuggestAppend 选项。Applies both Suggest and Append options.