BindingManagerBase.PushData 方法


将数据从数据源推入到数据绑定控件,不返回任何信息。Pushes data from the data source into the data-bound control, returning no information.

 void PushData();
protected void PushData ();
member this.PushData : unit -> unit
Protected Sub PushData ()


PushData方法是将信息从数据源推送到数据绑定控件的编程方式。The PushData method is a programmatic way to push information from the data source into the data-bound control. 如果数据源实现了接口,则此方法不是必需的 System.ComponentModel.IBindingList ,因为该 IBindingList.ListChanged 事件会自动使控件通过其货币管理器进行更新。This method is not required if the data source implements the System.ComponentModel.IBindingList interface, because the IBindingList.ListChanged event should automatically cause the control to be updated through its currency manager.

如果在执行操作时发出此方法 PullData ,则该 PushData 方法立即返回值为的 trueIf this method is issued when a PullData operation is being performed, the PushData method returns immediately with a value of true.