ContainerControl.CanEnableIme 属性


获取一个用以指示是否可以将 ImeMode 属性设置为活动值的值,以启用 IME 支持。Gets a value indicating whether the ImeMode property can be set to an active value, to enable IME support.

 virtual property bool CanEnableIme { bool get(); };
protected override bool CanEnableIme { get; }
member this.CanEnableIme : bool
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property CanEnableIme As Boolean


在所有情况下均为 falsefalse in all cases.


.NET Framework 2.0.NET Framework 2.0 及更高版本中,IME 功能由框架处理,并禁用各个控件的本地 IME 支持。In the .NET Framework 2.0.NET Framework 2.0 and later, IME functionality is handled by the framework and native IME support for individual controls is disabled.

派生自 ContainerControl 类的用户控件可以通过重写此属性以返回 true来启用本机 IME 支持。A user control that derives from the ContainerControl class can enable native IME support by overriding this property to return true. 但是,应用程序负责确保本机 IME 与 Windows 窗体 IME 之间没有冲突。However, the application is then responsible for making sure that there are no conflicts between the native IME and the Windows Forms IME. 不支持这种情况。This scenario is not supported.