ControlUpdateMode Enum


确定对数据源值所做的更改何时传播到相应的数据绑定控件属性。Determines when changes to a data source value get propagated to the corresponding data-bound control property.

public enum class ControlUpdateMode
public enum ControlUpdateMode
type ControlUpdateMode = 
Public Enum ControlUpdateMode


Never 1

当数据源值发生更改时,绑定控件从不更新。The bound control is never updated when a data source value changes. 数据源是只写的。The data source is write-only.

OnPropertyChanged 0

当数据源值发生更改或数据源位置发生更改时,将更新绑定控件。The bound control is updated when the data source value changes, or the data source position changes.


ControlUpdateModeBinding 类的 ControlUpdateMode 属性使用。The ControlUpdateMode is used by the ControlUpdateMode property of the Binding class. OnPropertyChanged 是默认值。OnPropertyChanged is the default value. 若要在更新模式为从不时强制进行控件更新,请对相关 Binding使用 ReadValue 方法。To force a control update when the update mode is Never, use the ReadValue method on the related Binding.

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