DataGridColumnStyle.EndUpdate 方法


继续绘制由调用 BeginUpdate() 方法而挂起的列。Resumes the painting of columns suspended by calling the BeginUpdate() method.

 void EndUpdate();
protected void EndUpdate ();
member this.EndUpdate : unit -> unit
Protected Sub EndUpdate ()


如果对控件的外观进行了许多更改 System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid (更改是位于列的特性中还是控件) 显示的数据,则应调用 BeginUpdate 方法暂时冻结控件的绘制。When many changes are made to the appearance of a System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid control (whether the changes are in the attributes of the column or the data displayed by the control), you should invoke the BeginUpdate method to temporarily freeze the drawing of the control. 这会减少用户产生的干扰,并提高性能。This results in less distraction to the user, and a performance gain. 完成所有更新后,调用 EndUpdate 方法以恢复控件的绘制。After all updates have been made, invoke the EndUpdate method to resume drawing of the control.