DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle Enum


指定 DataGrid 控件的父行标签的显示方式。Specifies how the parent row labels of a DataGrid control are displayed.

public enum class DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle
public enum DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle
type DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle = 
Public Enum DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle


Both Both Both Both 3

显示父表名和列名。Displays both the parent table and column names.

ColumnName ColumnName ColumnName ColumnName 2

显示父列名。Displays the parent column name.

None None None None 0

不显示父行标签。Display no parent row labels.

TableName TableName TableName TableName 1

显示父表名。Displays the parent table name.


下面的示例循环访问的可能值的每个DataGridParentRowsLabelStyleThe following example iterates through each of the possible values for the DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.

Private Sub ChangeParentRowLabels(ByVal myGrid As DataGrid)
   Static currentLabelStyle As Integer
   If currentLabelStyle = 4 Then currentLabelStyle = 0
   Select Case currentLabelStyle
   Case 0 
      myGrid.ParentRowsLabelStyle = DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.None
   Case 1
      myGrid.ParentRowsLabelStyle = DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.TableName
   Case 2
      myGrid.ParentRowsLabelStyle = DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.ColumnName
   Case 3
      myGrid.ParentRowsLabelStyle = DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.Both
   Case Else
      myGrid.ParentRowsLabelStyle = DataGridParentRowsLabelStyle.Both
   End Select

   ' Increment the variable.
End Sub


使用此枚举的成员的值设置ParentRowsLabelStyle属性。Use the members of this enumeration to set the value of the ParentRowsLabelStyle property.

可以显示父行,仅当DataGrid至少包含一个DataRelation第二个DataTable,并且如果AllowNavigation属性设置为一个值,使导航。Parent rows can be displayed only if the DataGrid contains at least one DataRelation to a second DataTable, and if the AllowNavigation property is set to a value that allows navigation.